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St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada.


To bring the Gin and Tonic to the civility of its illustrious past, The Third Place Cocktail Co. started its journey at the cinchona tree, the only natural source of quinine and the essence of real artisanal tonic water. If the tonic you are currently drinking has “quinine” as an ingredient instead of “cinchona bark” it probably means it is not naturally produced quinine, but don’t worry, there’s help to be found.

Starting with real bark, the quinine is extracted naturally and then infused with flavours that accentuate world-class gin: lavender from the fields of Southern France, freshly grated citrus zest, tea from hillside farms in China and beautifully, aromatic (and organic) lemongrass.

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Having built a brand bringing civility to the classic, gin and tonic, The Third Place Cocktail Co. set out to better your home bar once again. Complex whiskey cocktails are a thing of beauty, but doing them properly often requires a suite of bitters, a bar full of vermouth and sticky syrups abound. Not to mention, a willingness to experiment and a penchant for mixing glasses, eye droppers and swirly spoons.

Ginger Rose allows you to make a complex cocktail in just seconds. With heat from ginger and szechuan peppercorns, colour and floral overtones from hibiscus and rose, smokiness from lapsang suchung tea and a wonderful aroma from fresh citrus, Ginger Rose revolutionizes how you drink whiskey.

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Now with two products on shelves, The Third Place Cocktail Co. set forth to make a cocktail mix that would revolutionize the idea of a vodka tonic. Vodka’s neutral flavor and clean taste make it the perfect canvas for exploring complex flavors that commercially prepared and canned tonic waters are simply, lacking.

Picking the beautiful flavor of elderflower as the essence, the goal became simple: to enhance that familiar taste and aroma with botanicals and ingredients that are complimentary in flavour, geographically related and unique. Citrus and lemongrass, of course, but also juniper berries (a flavor reminiscent of the forest with its sharp, resinous aroma), jasmine flowers (delicately floral, but complex), and earl grey tea (with its gorgeous bergamot flavor).

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Why The Third Place?

In the social sciences one’s First Place is their home, their Second Place is work, and their all-important Third Places are the anchors of their social community, they foster a sense of community and creative, comfortable interactions.

Classic examples of Third Places are the barber shop, civic park, and our favourite, your neighbourhood pub. Drinking The Third Place artisanal tonic with friends will help foster those interactions and build community in your life, it certainly has in ours.


Dan J. Meades & Kristopher Smith

Relentless in their pursuit of better quality cocktails and cocktail products, Dan Meades and Kris Smith founded The Third Place Tonic in 2015. Their first product, bearing the same name, revived the gin and tonic to its illustrious past by creating a tonic worthy of sharing a glass with world-class gin. All The Third Place Tonic products are hand-made in small batches in St. John’s Newfoundland with the finest ingredients available. The pride in their product is evident: Kris or Dan sign every bottle by hand to let you know they stand behind each and every bottle.


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